{June 25, 2011}   The Basics

Hello Everyone!

I’ve never had an official blog before so bear with me as I learn the kinks. I think it is apposite that I start a blog on the week of my birthday. One, because don’t we all regard our birthday as a chance at a new beginning? And two, because what a perfect segue into my first savings topic: email lists and bargain hunting basics.

We all hear about email lists. Now days, it seems that every time you shop at a store they are asking for your email address. Our first response is to run. Because really who wants their inbox overrun with deals that aren’t? Some people have a three date rule when they are dating; I have a similar rule when I am being courted by companies. (It’s important to realize that you are being courted. They need you far more than you need them. Keep that little rule in mind; it’ll come in handy many times when learning to be an assertive bargain hunter.) My three date rule goes like this, if I give you the luxury of having me email address, you have three emails to prove that you are not wasting my time. If after three emails all I see are junk mailings disguised as sale fliers, then I unsubscribe. In this day and age it’s easier than ever to get rid of pesky solicitors so the idea that people don’t want to be bothered doesn’t make sense to me.

Next, I am not a loyal shopper unless you are a manufacturer or service provider worthy of loyalty. I think we expect too little from the places where we spend our money. For instance, I shop at not one, not two, but three grocery stores. I check their weekly ads and I conduct my shopping accordingly. I understand time constraints, as the saying goes, ‘time is money.’ However, keep in mind that ‘money is money’ (the first of many Caryn Quote’s – you can have that one for free.) Thus, if I find a better deal then I’m going for it. If the SMS (i.e. store, manufacturer, service provider – in other words ‘The Man’) wants me back they’ll make their deals more appealing. I have to add a caveat, that cheaper doesn’t always make it a better deal, but that is another lesson for another day. The main lesson for today is that a good deal is worth the time to search it out, a good bargain is worth the barrage of emails, and a good customer is one who has enough money left over to return (Another Caryn Quote – that one’s gonna cost you – j/k).


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