{July 22, 2011}   UniverSoul Circus – A world of fun

As a birthday gift to myself, I went to the circus, the UniverSoul Circus! The UniverSoul Circus, would be described by some as an African American circus, but really it is one of the most diverse circuses I’ve ever been to (If you haven’t figured it out, I am always advocating ethnic events and stores. Because they are often pigeonholed as appealing to a certain clientele yet, they have amazing deals that no one has ever heard of and you often get more bang for your buck.). This circus had acts from Trinidad and Tobago, China, Mongolia, Ethiopia, the Czech Republic, and so much more. For $30 bucks I bought tickets for great seats; I was in the second row. Unfortunately, I only had my Iphone, so my picture quality wasn’t the best but the show was an amazing experience. It was a very interactive show. In between sets we danced, had competitions, and sang. I haven’t had so much fun in a long time. I was sitting next to a woman who’d brought her two children and I swear we laughed harder and louder than them the entire time. There were also photo opportunities with a white tiger and you can pay to ride an elephant. Also, throughout the show clowns and other characters make their way through the crowds so that audience members can take pictures with them. Of course they want you to buy the pictures taken by their photographers, but you can take pictures with your own cameras as well. Technically you are not supposed to take pictures of the acts, but they were very lenient on that rule unless it would endanger the performers while working with the animals. I’ve been to most of the major circus company performances and I have never had as much fun as I had at the UniverSoul Circus!

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