{November 9, 2011}   If the world was mine…

I’m busy applying for jobs as my post-graduate education winds down and most jobs that I am applying for are the type that never even entered you realm of thought as a child. Really, they never entered my realm of thought as a young adult planning my career. As I am nearing graduation people keep asking me what I want to do, and my answer is always the same, “collect a paycheck.” I never thought that that would even have to be on my list of criteria, but I swear if one more organization comes to my school offering a “great opportunity” that would be “great for your resume” I will honestly scream. It’s actually a little insulting that these organizations come into professional schools and offer volunteer positions. They give them fancy names of course like, fellowships, externships and internships. What they really are is free labor!!! Just call a spade a spade. You want the highest educated for the lowest dollar.

As I contemplated how sucky my professional horizon is right now I began to think… If I could do any job, money and obstacles not withstanding, what would it be?

1) I would travel. First, I would take my dog and a video camera and drive to every state in the continental U.S. like I have always wanted to do. I would of course have a blog about my experiences. While drive across the American terrain I would catch up on all the great books I have missed out on because of education. Because the truth is when you are in school, especially post-graduate school, you never have time to read… not the stuff you want to read. I would try to listen to a new book on tape for every state I entered.

2) I would travel abroad. Next, I would travel to every continent. It has been a lifelong dream. When I was little I wrote an essay about how I would travel to every continent in the world except Antarctica. Now, I would travel to every continent including Antarctica. And I would take my time. I would lounge and enjoy the cultures and the people. I would avoid the tourist areas.

3) Then I would write a novel and publish it. I’ve written a novel before. It wasn’t very good. It was more of a self-challenge to see if I could complete one in a summer.

4) I would act in a film. Not just any film. Because money is not an object I would take my time reviewing scripts, until I found that solid heart-wrenching story that I always dreamt would get me the Academy Award. I don’t actually care if I ever get the award, because the films that usually actually receive an Academy Award recently are usually lacking. I just want that film that would make me feel it was worthy of the highest honor.

5) I would write my script, I have a film idea I have always wanted to do. But it requires a so much research and effort, the idea has never gone far.

6) I would like to direct a film. Possibly my script, but I think that this film could be so good that if I found someone who could bring it to life better than me then I would hire that person.

7) Then I would get a beach house and live a life of reading, writing, and periodical travel. I think I would have a theater in the house, so that I could screen and review new films from all over the world.

As I write this I see where my passions truly are and it make me sad that I am nowhere near pursuing them.

On the more realistic, but still fanciful.

I would also set up several business ideas I have always had for my family, hire people to work them and then return to my beach house.  Oh if this world were mine…!


{November 9, 2011}  

I never thought I say this, but I like working in an all female office. Today I was looking through the supply closet and I found a woman’s heaven. Neatly organized next to boxes clearly labeled “black pens,” “blue pens,” “steno pads” were also boxes with tampons, lint rollers, pantyhose of all different shades, and only the best in pain killer inventories. Now in male managed office this would never even be considered, but I think it helps productivity. As women our professional style is held to a different standard, one that includes attractive representation of one’s self. Yes, even in this day and age. However, men never seem to comprehend that in order to achieve that standard it takes more time. I just thought it was a nice gesture. That said ‘management cares.’

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