{February 9, 2012}   Misfits – end of Series 3

I watched the last episode of Misfits series 3 last night. I could tell Howard Overman wrote it without ever looking at the credits. He has writing style that entertains me at a visceral level. With him I laugh out loud, while the other writers typically produce an eyebrow raise in acknowledgement of their comedic efforts, sometimes they conjure a chuckle or two. But Howard, I feel close to his characters so we might as well be on a first name basis, he really is genius. It makes me sad that Antonia (Thomas – she’s the homey too. LOL) won’t be returning. I think she is smart though. You can tell that she had serious concerns about being type cast in a sexualized role. The last season, as a viewer, I felt that I could tell her heart wasn’t in it. I just hope it doesn’t backfire. It must have been very hard to stand up for herself so early in her career. Rheon (his first name is Iwan, but I like his last name better), I think he was smart, while he too is leaving the show, he is able to embrace the sensualization of his character, Simon. Rheon, is going to ride out the sexualization of his character… using it as platform for his music. My how things are different for men and women. I’m not sure Rheon’s route is a possibility for Antonia. She was recently in a Cold Play video playing a character not-unlike her Misfits character, but more importantly, playing the “pretty”girl. As woman, I think it will be harder for people to get past her beauty and the sensuality of her Misfits character. I think her next few role offers will be filled with unnecessary nudity and sex that have nothing to do with the storyline.*People don’t get the artistic nature of sex in film history, especially in the day and age. They see a pretty girl and they just want to see her naked. Thus, many pubescent-like writers and directors will offer her parts with no thought nor direction for the sexualized role just the goal of stick it in (no pun intended) where ever it will fit.


* I don’t feel that way about her character on Misfits. Beyond the obvious reason for her sensuality, considering that her characters power was turning people into lustful fiends at her touch, there was a consistency and art to the sex scenes in Misfits. However… (return to original paragraph)

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