{February 14, 2012}   Update 2

Oh I forgot, the real reason I started posting in the first place. Once this convention is over I have three more major things to achieve. 1) My thesis 2) The Bar 3) Find a job… oh and 4) Move to a new state.

Anyway, I am planning for a resurrection in August. The other day I was thinking of simple things I wish I still did and among them was writing i.e. my blog and reading… NOT case law. I was also organizing my second bedroom at 2:00 am because I promised a girl she could stay with me during the convention (what can I say, I’m a Yes woman). While cleaning and organizing I decided that I have collected a ton of books since being in graduate and professional school. I have a compulsion with $1 or $2 books, I feel obligated to buy them and if it is free… GOD help me. Anyway, I would like to read ALL of my non-textbooks. Fiction and non-fiction alike. My goal is to do a series on the blog and read each one and critique them. It should be interesting because I often pick books based on the price tag. It ensures I don’t go from being Sadity Cents to just sad and destitute, plus it usually ensures some form of variety. So I am excited, because while I have gained a great deal of knowledge over the past few years, my world view actually feels like it has diminished. I only have time to read for school and almost always interact with academics or professionals and they are very like-minded, though they swear otherwise. So yes, I cannot wait until my first installment. Until then (well I hope not that long)…



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