{February 23, 2012}   Road Trip!!!!

So I have finished the 2nd of my 3 degree plan… as in Bachelor’s, Advanced Degree, even more Advanced Degree. I feel like for the last 10 years I have been in school, because I have. I also feel like life is passing me by and all of my aspirations are falling to the wayside of the straight and narrow path. What to do? I don’t know yet, but I don’t want to sit and pout so I’ve decided to drive and ponder. I am going to drive like I have never driven before! I’m a road trip gal, so I’ve decided to pick 3 weekends to do road trips. I know for sure that I’ve always wanted to visit the “Black Towns” of America.  In the 19th Century there was an insurgence of Black-run towns across America, they had their own government and wealth. Many were destroyed by larger, wealthier White cities, some were destroyed by angry mobs jealous of their wealth. As a child getting your tiny bit of Black history during February you are mostly taught of the distress of being Black in American. No one ever talks about how Blacks rose up and created their own sub-culture within a culture that would not let them fully participate. Upon learning about these settlements and towns, I wanted to see them before any trace is destroyed. So that is my major road trip.  A smaller one will be to go see the Gullah Islands. I’ve also been fascinated by this tiny sub-culture that very few know anything about beyond an early 1990’s cartoon. I’ve seen artwork from the region and I know my family hails from that area, so I think that would be an interesting little trip. A more business than pleasure trip will be my trip to D.C. for a convention, but I hope to stop in Philadelphia along the way. I’ve been there once, but didn’t have time to really explore so I hope to see as many historical sites (free sites… I am $adity ¢ents) as possible. I let you know as plans develop.


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