{February 24, 2012}   Groupon, Living Social, and other sites that make you spend money.

So I like so many others have, for some time now, become ensnared in these online discount sites. Mostly I think it is a guilt-less way to spend money that I really shouldn’t spend. Afterall whatever the purchase of the day is I paid 50% or less. That’s a great deal! Never mind the fact that I would have never thought to buy a Rabbit wine bottle opener in the first place, nor would it have crossed my mind to spend a weekend on a West Virginian farm for 2 nights and 3 days. In the words of Richard Fish from Ally McBeal… Bygones. The point is I, like many others, pat myself on the back every time I blow my budget at 50% off.

One nice thing about these sites is that they allow me to try things I probably wouldn’t have tried. For me, it’s mostly services and some restaurants, but I am expanding . I add there is triple satisfaction when I spend on something I would have bought anyways. With that being said, I thought I would track my deals and how I felt about the product, service, and/or company… I was going to list them below, but I think that each deserves their own post, in the spirit of thoroughness. So stay tuned.


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