{March 14, 2012}   Here we go again!

Okay ya’ll,

We have a live one, “A” as we shall call him is 27 years old. According to Roach, my coordinator, he is 5’11, brown hair blue eyes. He is college educated and works in management. “A” like to attend sporting events. He works out. He enjoys camping and skiing. “A” likes pets… lets see after he meets my dog (the definition of divo. Sometimes he acts too good for me!). According to Roach, “A” also enjoys traveling and used to live abroad. He also like wine tasting and dining out as well as cooking and entertaining friends. “A” also loves music.

Well gang, let’s see what “A” has to offer. I will fill you in on the developments on this rousing edition of ‘A my life turns.’


So I am trying a new weight loss program (audience groans). Oh come on you knew it was bound to happen. Basically, 4 weeks – 600 calories a day, and vitamin injections. I just had my first injection today… is it supposed to still burn? This is legit right? …(Dun Dun Duunn!) We shall see…

et cetera