{April 8, 2012}   Happy Resurrection Day

Happy Resurrection Day everyone! I love holidays because I love to cook. Whether I have anyone at my house or not, I cook on a holiday. It makes me feel a little less lonely (sometimes… sometimes I feel more alone). It also reminds me  of my family and the happy times we spent together, before we became “grown ups.” I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately, growing up.

I visited family in New Jersey, family that I hadn’t seen in a few years and it was an interesting transition. For the first time, I was a grown up. The adults would be talking and I would feel the need to be quiet and just listen so that they wouldn’t kick me out of the room while “grown folks talked.” But I realized, I AM one of the “grown folks.” LOL! It was the weirdest feeling. The last time I had seen these people I was considered a child, now they talked to me like an adult and included me in the conversation. The experience brought to light the fact that I am an adult. I am closer to 30 years old than I am 20 years old. I used to imagine about this age and here I am. My parents are preparing to retire… My how time flies.

Anyway, as I transition into adulthood I am focused on resurrecting my dreams. I am committed to blogging more to revive my dream of being an author. I am committed to traveling more and living in the places I’ve always wanted to live (New York, London). For a brief time, I was going to be safe and move where I have family. The loneliness of being a single woman, sometimes gets to you. As much as I love my family and want to be near them, I know that the cities they live in do not offer me what I want out of life. Not right now. In the mean time, I focus on reviving my dreams, not settling and finding small comforts in old traditions.


Joy says:

That’s the beauty of being single — you can move whereever you want (nothing tying you down!) This is the best time to pick up and go if you can manage a way to do that. Idid it with a child so I know it can be done much easier without one and you can always move back home.


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