{April 13, 2012}   Another one bites the dust

Whelp, I went on another date through It’s Just Lunch. Why so long since my last one? Because they matched me with someone who didn’t respond for two weeks and instead of matching me with someone else the company was content to just let me languor in limbo until I called them and told them to match me with someone else in the mean time. Duh!

So they matched me with R an engineer. I won’t even bother with the description because at this point I’ve figured out it’s lies. Nice enough guy. Didn’t meet any specifications.

I’m 5’1″ with heels… I shouldn’t have worn heels. He likes to ” travel” … He’s been to the southern part of the state at his self described “red neck” family’s farmland. He’s read about everywhere and been no where. He likes the Tolken books, Renaissance fairs, Mideaval things. I like the Harlem Renaissance and dream of going to the Mediterranean.

Now if I tell them that they are doing an awful job of matching me they say I am too picky, the ones who are jerks have never been that way with anyone else (so it must be me) and we really do have a lot in common, I just don’t know it.


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