{April 14, 2012}   New York! New York! — Part 1

I recently spent a week in New York City! One of my favorite places in the world to visit. I love NYC, its crazy, its busy, its so over the top, its New York! New York is a lot like me, either it is or its not. There is no middle ground in NYC. When I look around NYC I see fantastic shopping, sometimes good food… mostly overpriced, and a culture that is all its own. You take NYC as it is and don’t try to compare it to anything else, there’s no point. With that said, I love NYC because I choose to experience NYC. I will never understand people who live in NY for years, decades, even their entire lives and never experience all that it has to offer. I think the greatest waste of time is to ask a lifelong New Yorker anything about NY because they never know. They mostly stay in their Burroughs and do not bother to experience anything around them. I mean, Manhattan is only 23 miles long, and yet people have never experienced any of it, and can tell you nothing about it.

My own family, lives 16 minutes from Manhattan, with slight traffic, and yet they haven’t been there in 20 years. They couldn’t even tell me how to get to JFK! I asked a woman from the Bronx where to get authentic NY pizza, she told me Dominoes, and was so serious! At least when I was in Chicago, though there is great debate about which pizzeria is the best, the residents can still give me an opinion on which local chain I should visit. Never, not once, was Pizza Hut, Dominoes, or God forbid Little Caesar ever mentioned.

So people who hate NYC do so because they have cloistered themselves off and have not experienced NYC. On the other hand, NYC is not a place I would live without the funds to enjoy it. I do not understand people who take pride in their residency of NYC and do nothing with it. As much as I love the city, if you are not experience the culture and the atmosphere of NYC then you are just existing in a slum. Think about it. If you take away, the great restaurants, attractions and world class opportunities, what is New York? Answer: A dirty overcrowded island, with rude people, expensive everything and rats!


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