{April 21, 2012}   New York, New York — Part 2


NYC isn’t really the place you think of for deals and steals, but if you stay out of the malls and find regional chains, you actually can find some cute stuff for cheap prices. I try to use this strategy, so that when I do find something absolutely unique I don’t mind spending some money on it.

Three stores I would like to highlight: Two are not boutiques, but regional chains and the other is a true boutique. You have to be careful in NYC, because there are a lot of small stores that fashion themselves to be boutiques, but they sell the same brands as other stores at a more expensive ticket.

First, I discovered a regional chain called Bolton’s. Besides a store in Philadelphia, they only service the New York City Burroughs. They sell some of the better name brands, but at a great price(you can easily get a nice dress for $30-40)! I bought the dress I wore to Oprah’s Life Class Tour at Bolton’s. I was sad I found it at the end of the day or I would have done more damage :0

Next, I found a store called P. Luca for Barami. I didn’t have a chance to spend a great deal of time in this store, but everything I saw, I loved. It is slightly more expensive than Bolton’s ($40-70), but the items are more unique as well, for a midwest girl it was nice to see clothes that I knew others wouldn’t have. Besides a store in Atlanta, GA. they only have locations in NYC.

The final store was a boutique in every sense of the word, Magda K. The proprietor is named Magda and she is a fire cracker! She and her assistant were so much fun. They are determined to prove to you that they have clothing for every shape and size. Magda makes most of the designs in the back room of the shoppe and carries some other hand made items from very exclusive vendors. Now this store is pricier ($150-200 for a piece), but they are definitely originals. The thing about Magda K. is that you have to be in the shoppe to really appreciate her inventory. Her website does not do her store justice, in fact it kind of looks like she caters to older plus sized women. That could not be further from the truth. Every piece is sold seperately so you can design the perfect outfit. Also, she can make any of her original items to fit you perfectly by getting your size. I think I loved her accessories the most. She had this amazing hat, that I am still considering. We are not a hat society anymore, but that hat made me want to dress classier. I may have to make the investment. I will send of picture if I do.

I went to a few other stores, “boutiques,” but I wasn’t impressed. Below are a few pictures from my shopping excursion. These aren’t even the best items, but I became enthralled in my shopping and forgot to take pics 😉

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