{May 19, 2012}   Really Slimfast… Really?

 At 5’2, 140 pounds, I was tired of being the chubby girl and getting made fun of for having a booty. I’d had enough. Slim-Fast® helped the weight fly off! Sometimes I gain 5 pounds here and there, but I instantly go back on the Slim-Fast® 3•2•1 Plan,TM and the weight is gone in a flash.

I am writing about this because I get tired of this image we (Americans, media, fellow women, etc.)  put out their that skinny-mini is best. Yes, we should be at a healthy weight, but doesn’t that apply to both ends of the spectrum? I worry about the message we send when someone who is only a few pounds above BMI (Body Mass Index) feels the need to lose 30lbs because she has curves ( I mean she literally only need to lose 4lbs to within her proper BMI number. I mean God forbid a girl have a butt. It’s superficial to me.

I was going through old photos of me at a time when I too was a size two (ha ha). I would like to lose weight, but I don’t want to be that small again, I looked anorexic and ghastly. Maybe its cultural, maybe I was always taught to appreciate my body, but I didn’t like how prominent my collar bone was, or how easily accessible my ribs and pelvis bones were. Honestly, I don’t think it was a healthy weight, but because of the society we live in I was constantly being complimented on the weight loss, by some people… I actually had a few men (black men 🙂 ) tell me I’d loss too much weight. I felt compelled to stay “attractively” underweight for several years, not even because I liked it, but because that was what acceptable was. And it was difficult. It was so hard to maintain that weight because my body was desperately trying to be at an appropriate weight. When I read the comment:

Sometimes I gain 5 pounds here and there, but I instantly go back on the Slim-Fast® 3•2•1 Plan,TM and the weight is gone in a flash.

I wanted to scream, “Maybe your body is trying to tell you something!” I too had to repeatedly cut off calories to maintain my weight. That doesn’t seem right. Yet, if you put that woman’s picture up (someone who is slightly underweight) against someone else who is slightly overweight the reaction is completely different. What encouraged me to end my diet roller coaster was reading how some of the same health problems that plague the obese, plague the anorexic (I don’t think I was anorexic, but I was making poor health choices in order to maintain a number on my clothing labels). Now I just strive for healthy.

I think we all have a similar story with society at some point, or we will eventually. It bothers me that a company that supposedly promotes healthy female body images would post a testimonial that encourages a mindset that says. “any curvature of the body should be dieted away.”


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