Just a quick rant. I know you all have missed my complaints on life, love and the world in general… This just doesn’t make any sense/cents… Sadity or otherwise… Bad budgeting Atlantic City High School… Bad!

So here is an article on how a NJ school invited the singer Ashanti to visit their school and paid her $20k for the privilege.

First, I don’t agree with paying Ashanti for the visit. Second, I don’t agree with the article (Yeah, I’m all sorts of cantankerous today).

1) The article focuses too much on who they paid $20k to and not enough on why it was spent on a celebrity in the first place. Basically the article sounded like the author would have been fine, if Atlantic City High invited a more relevant celebrity.

2) Ashanti has never been known in the media for academic prowess. She may have been smart in school and done well, but that is not what she built her image on so its like she’s saying, “do as I’m paid to say, not as I did.”

3) For one school $20k isn’t a gold rush, but it’s not chump change either. ACH, you couldn’t get new computers or something to help improve test scores?

4) Because Ashanti really has no relevance in the education sector, and though her celebrity status has declined she is still a celebrity, I guess… so it feels like the school was rewarded for under performing. Ranked 247th out of 322! Need I say more? By the kids some interactive learning tools.


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