{August 29, 2012}   I’m free! Gluten free

Well over the course of the years I’ve had a series of annoying but not life threatening health complaints. I’ve been to the doctor several times about joint pain, bloating, adult acne, memory loss, unexplained swelling, etc. Each visit resulting in me fuming about the wasted co-pay.

Recently, I’ve been reading a lot on food sensitivities. I’ve suspected for years that my issues were connected and internal. I’ve asked to be tested on more than one occasion to be tested for a food allergy. However, it’s always been dismissed by my doctors. While reading a plethora of books I came upon severe food intolerances. Particularly gluten intolerance. Apparently this ailment is distinct from Celiac’s disease. It even presents different symptoms, symptoms that are not unlike my own. So I have been attempting to be gluten free for 21 days.

It actually hasn’t been that difficult. My face is clearing up and I’ve lost 5lbs. I am keeping at it, but I’m not sure gluten intolerance is the only answer. I’ve also read about severe dairy intolerance and sugar intolerance. I think I will do an elimination for each and see which of the three gets better results. Wish me luck.


{August 24, 2012}   Patchwork Paint

The second bedroom in my house is being painted today. I’m excited because it definitely needs it. Not because it harbors some old pea green version of 70’s style or unicorn wallpaper from a child that once was, but because it can cover the damage I have inflicted on it and hopeful erase the sub par work I accepted before.

I want to move. I’m ready to leave the Midwest so I’ve been sprucing up my place with the hope that I cam sell or at least rent my first home. It’s obvious I’m in a transition in life because I see symbolism everywhere. Today, I see the obvious but nonetheless symbolic… The healing effect of paint.

When first moved to this house I was a first-time homebuyer. I’d done research on mortgages, apr figures (basically loan rates), downloaded checklists for viewing property, and read or browsed a dozen books and thrice as many websites. What I forgot to look for was patchwork. Not the hole in floor covered by a rug a la Money Pit, but the kind that signals just pure laziness, not a tricky cleverness. Examples would be smoke detectors stuck to the ceiling because they were painted over rather than removed. Patchy old linoleum under carpet, carpet laid directly on the original hardwood (industrial staples in the floor and all), basement flooring separating from from the foundation, borders and frames where the old peeling paint wasn’t sanded before painting. Nothing completely unbearable but items that served as a daily reminder that I definitely had more bargaining room. I can’t stand when I miss a discount.

In the five years living here my I haven’t always taken the best care of the house. I haven’t always required people take their shoes off when stepping on the original hardwood. I didn’t always require visitors to be respectful of my property, trying to appear laid back. This resulted in scratches on the floor and patches of paint missing in the specific bedroom that is being painted. In resentment that my condo isn’t as nice as other people’s homes I probably haven’t shown the house all the respect that I should have. After all, it may not be much but it is mine, which is more than most people can say for their place of domicile.

In a lot of ways it kind of reminds me of myself. How I let other people’s actions or lack there of taint my view of myself. Rather than seeing the value I originally saw, every new discovery of someone else’ incompetence I let fester in frustration and eventually altered how I saw myself (or my house – there was a time I hated my condo because I felt I could have done better). In an effort to be accommodating of others I let people mistreat me. Nothing obstinate or overt but subtle insults and injuries that I let add up and go unchecked for years. I added to it by inflicting my own emotional punishments on myself. All adding up until a condo that at least at first glance appeared to be neat a put together, a nice find, now has obvious flaws and needs some major work much like it’s owner.

I wish that I could hire someone to cover my flaws the way the painter is doing upstairs. I wish I could simply move on from myself like I am attempting to do with this condo. I am resisting the urge to simply cover up the damage and walk away like the previous owners, but sometimes I wish I could do that with my choices in life. Rather I must put in the work and actually repair my damage, not just patch it up.

{August 24, 2012}   My Summer in Pictures – July

July was HOT! My air conditioning broke, so my summer revolved around the weather and mostly trying to avoid it. There were two major storms that cause trees to be knocked down and neighbors hoods to go without electricity for days.



When it was it raining it was sweltering. My plants and I desperately tried to fight the heat.



It was too hot to eat, but in the evenings I tried a bunch of new recipes I created.





{August 8, 2012}   My summer in pictures – June

June was my birthday month so I did a little more. As I stated last year I love signing up for restaurant deals. This year I went out for a treat or a meal almost everyday for three weeks because of my birthday coupons. It was glorious 🙂

1) I ate for free:
This was the first of my free meals. Bravo Cucina Italiana treats you to a free entree for your birthday. I went during happy hour, which features $5 drink menus and $3.95 small plates, that way the people I was with could also benefit from a good deal. What I love about Bravo is that there small plates aren’t small. Two small plates is easily a meal with small box to go. And $5 Martini’s that are actually well made makes for a great evening. 😉




2) I dog sat:


3) I started a garden (don’t get too excited, it doesn’t end well):


4) I went to the Asian Cultural Festival:





{August 6, 2012}   My summer in pictures – May

I haven’t had the active summers I’m used to, but this was a good summer to put my resourcefulness to the test as far as entertaining myself on a budget. I didn’t work for most of the summer to I had to be stingy with my money but creative with my time.

Here are some pictures from May (sorry if they are small, I’m uploading them from my phone):

1) I canvassed for President Obama!!!



2) I went to see Pres. Obama speak.

I’ve seen him before, but this time I was able to sit behind the podium! Unfortunately, while sitting behind the podium is an unique experience and you get to be on the news when they are filming the president, you can’t get many great shots of the president because, well, your BEHIND him. Also, there was this incredibly annoying woman in the row ahead of me who threw up her sign everytime he turned around. Ugh! Either way, still a great day.



3) I saw a dear friend being sworn into the state bar! Yeah! She’s going to be a great lawyer.



4) I took my dog all over town with me just because I could. He loved it. Wind in his hair, looking like a grimlin. LOL!


{August 3, 2012}   Welcome back Carter!

When I opened my blog app today, I swear the theme song for “Welcome Back Carter” started playing. It’s been THAT long. I’ve had an eventful summer, but I don’t know if it was all eventful in a blog sense. Like my profile says I am in graduate school. So a lot of my “events” really consisted if intense studying, coffee drinking, and stress. I am so glad to be writing again.

I am in Atlanta, GA for business and I have family from some of the country parts of middle Georgia. Most of my family now resides in Macon. There are so many low cost and free historical exhibits. The rich history is amazing. Often in the south all you hear are the stories of oppression that permeated throughout its history, but there is a legacy of untold resilience, forethought and triumph that is rarely spoken about. In Macon, in particular there is a whole host of people who hailed from the quaint city who helped transform America.

Today, I viewed the Douglas Theater. Built in 1921, the theater was the only theater that would admit Black Macon residents. The theater became a beacon for African American stars, singers and vaudeville performers. Artists such as Cab Calloway, Ma Mabley, Little Richard, to name a few of the greats. In 1973, the theater was closed an later refurbished and reopened by the city of Macon in 1997. Today, historical tours are given for donations, independent films are hosted, and special events are hosted at the Douglass Theater



{August 3, 2012}   Stress much?!

It’s been awhile. Since I last blogged, I have 1) Finished a thesis. 2) Graduated 3) Been accepted into a fellowship and 4) Attended a funeral. All of these things are worthy of a blog post. I’m not making any promises though. I’m feeling kind of sad today, I think because the last month has been such a roller coaster of emotions usually honing in on stressed. Example: finished my thesis = stressed with tinge of relief. 2) graduating = happy but stressed about all that had to be done in preparation. Now stressed about the future. 3) Fellowship = excited, but stressed because I really haven’t been able to work the fellowship due to my defense the first week and a funeral the next. 4) Funeral = extremely sad over the loss of my uncle. Worried about my father who hasn’t shown much emotion over the loss of his brother. Happy to have one more time to gather with the whole family. Sad it takes a funeral to bring us all together. Stressed about my fellowship which called the day after the funeral inquiring about my return. Stressed about the time I’m not studying for my boards. Stressed because I’ve been with my family for a week. Sad because I’m leaving them again. Happy to be returning home. Stressed because I hate flying. Exhausted because I’m finally assessing my emotions for the first time in about two months.

et cetera