{August 3, 2012}   Stress much?!

It’s been awhile. Since I last blogged, I have 1) Finished a thesis. 2) Graduated 3) Been accepted into a fellowship and 4) Attended a funeral. All of these things are worthy of a blog post. I’m not making any promises though. I’m feeling kind of sad today, I think because the last month has been such a roller coaster of emotions usually honing in on stressed. Example: finished my thesis = stressed with tinge of relief. 2) graduating = happy but stressed about all that had to be done in preparation. Now stressed about the future. 3) Fellowship = excited, but stressed because I really haven’t been able to work the fellowship due to my defense the first week and a funeral the next. 4) Funeral = extremely sad over the loss of my uncle. Worried about my father who hasn’t shown much emotion over the loss of his brother. Happy to have one more time to gather with the whole family. Sad it takes a funeral to bring us all together. Stressed about my fellowship which called the day after the funeral inquiring about my return. Stressed about the time I’m not studying for my boards. Stressed because I’ve been with my family for a week. Sad because I’m leaving them again. Happy to be returning home. Stressed because I hate flying. Exhausted because I’m finally assessing my emotions for the first time in about two months.


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