{August 3, 2012}   Welcome back Carter!

When I opened my blog app today, I swear the theme song for “Welcome Back Carter” started playing. It’s been THAT long. I’ve had an eventful summer, but I don’t know if it was all eventful in a blog sense. Like my profile says I am in graduate school. So a lot of my “events” really consisted if intense studying, coffee drinking, and stress. I am so glad to be writing again.

I am in Atlanta, GA for business and I have family from some of the country parts of middle Georgia. Most of my family now resides in Macon. There are so many low cost and free historical exhibits. The rich history is amazing. Often in the south all you hear are the stories of oppression that permeated throughout its history, but there is a legacy of untold resilience, forethought and triumph that is rarely spoken about. In Macon, in particular there is a whole host of people who hailed from the quaint city who helped transform America.

Today, I viewed the Douglas Theater. Built in 1921, the theater was the only theater that would admit Black Macon residents. The theater became a beacon for African American stars, singers and vaudeville performers. Artists such as Cab Calloway, Ma Mabley, Little Richard, to name a few of the greats. In 1973, the theater was closed an later refurbished and reopened by the city of Macon in 1997. Today, historical tours are given for donations, independent films are hosted, and special events are hosted at the Douglass Theater




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