{August 6, 2012}   My summer in pictures – May

I haven’t had the active summers I’m used to, but this was a good summer to put my resourcefulness to the test as far as entertaining myself on a budget. I didn’t work for most of the summer to I had to be stingy with my money but creative with my time.

Here are some pictures from May (sorry if they are small, I’m uploading them from my phone):

1) I canvassed for President Obama!!!



2) I went to see Pres. Obama speak.

I’ve seen him before, but this time I was able to sit behind the podium! Unfortunately, while sitting behind the podium is an unique experience and you get to be on the news when they are filming the president, you can’t get many great shots of the president because, well, your BEHIND him. Also, there was this incredibly annoying woman in the row ahead of me who threw up her sign everytime he turned around. Ugh! Either way, still a great day.



3) I saw a dear friend being sworn into the state bar! Yeah! She’s going to be a great lawyer.



4) I took my dog all over town with me just because I could. He loved it. Wind in his hair, looking like a grimlin. LOL!



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