{August 29, 2012}   I’m free! Gluten free

Well over the course of the years I’ve had a series of annoying but not life threatening health complaints. I’ve been to the doctor several times about joint pain, bloating, adult acne, memory loss, unexplained swelling, etc. Each visit resulting in me fuming about the wasted co-pay.

Recently, I’ve been reading a lot on food sensitivities. I’ve suspected for years that my issues were connected and internal. I’ve asked to be tested on more than one occasion to be tested for a food allergy. However, it’s always been dismissed by my doctors. While reading a plethora of books I came upon severe food intolerances. Particularly gluten intolerance. Apparently this ailment is distinct from Celiac’s disease. It even presents different symptoms, symptoms that are not unlike my own. So I have been attempting to be gluten free for 21 days.

It actually hasn’t been that difficult. My face is clearing up and I’ve lost 5lbs. I am keeping at it, but I’m not sure gluten intolerance is the only answer. I’ve also read about severe dairy intolerance and sugar intolerance. I think I will do an elimination for each and see which of the three gets better results. Wish me luck.


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