{September 16, 2012}   On the Campaign Trail… What’s the Norm?

Anyone who has walked into a new work environment understands that sometimes it can be difficult to adjust to the norms and culture. When I used to a work in corporate environments I noticed a tendency for people to stay at their desks hours past productivity just to prove that they had the commitment necessary to succeed. Literally, sometimes people were watching YouTube videos, they just didn’t want to be the first to leave.
There is an element of that in the political world as well. However, in politics, especially this close to the major election there probably is more you can do, there is always more. It’s just that at some point you have to sleep, and I like my sleep. The problem is that like the corporate world there is an expectation that one should strive to not be the first to leave… the bar that is… the political atmosphere is such where you work long hours and stay out even longer drinking. Its all considered part of the process, the bonding and team building, that makes for a successful campaign run. Because truthfully a good campaign is less about the candidate and more about how well oiled and united his or her team is when working together to get the propaganda out.

While I like going out to eat and having a good time, I’ve never been the type to really make drinking and staying out late the central point of any activity. So on that note, I am a little at odds with the campaign culture, even though I am an extremely politically conscious person.

My Field Director has never actually said anything, but I can tell I’ve committed a faux pas  when I leave the office early. Early being 9 to 10pm.

Probably about a week later, I did get the “friendly” advice that I should try to blend in with the culture and go drinking with everyone. I know the adviser was trying to help, but I really felt that I was in a scene from Mean Girls, because all I wanted to do was go home and sleep and see my dog. 😦


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