{October 8, 2012}   On the Campaign Trail… Is there a Hell specifically for Campaign Workers?

I am so ashamed of myself, yet proud when I get the job done. To be a campaign worker you have to be extremely persistent, not unlike the ultimate sales person. I find it comical because my undergraduate degree is in Communication which is a field of study which opens you up to a lot of sales job offers. I HATE sales, so the fact that in many ways I am in a sales position is just funny to me (funny as in not at all, but you can’t help give wiry laugh at the irony).

I have flash backs to all the great sales movies I’ve seen and I try to summon their determination to hit their quotas. Well, I’m still working on the determination, but I have the pitch down pretty well. To the point that sometimes, I just feel ashamed after a call recruiting a volunteer. Ashamed, yet elated that I nabbed another one… Sure she may never come back, but at least I got one shift. What can I say, its a dirty business and I’m competitive. Don’t judge me!

If I didn’t feel like I am the evil means to a righteous end, I might feel bad. In an effort to reestablish my road to salvation, I took time to reflect on my recently developed character flaws. Instead a decided to create a blog post. Side Note: For all the crazies who feel like they want to respond, this is in jest. For all my campaign workers, you know the deal.

1) I find myself praying for peoples recovery solely so that they can return to the campaign:

2) I have no patience for people who want to talk, but don’t want to volunteer.

3) I find most conversations with people who don’t work 7 days a week / 14 hours a day (so everyone) end remarkably similar to this:

4) I’m finding it extremely hard to be the “nice girl” to people I find apathetic…

5) Its even worse when you refuse to help the campaign, but then want something (like tickets to an event).

My rant for the day. I honestly don’t believe civil engagement should be optional, especially when people seem to have no problem opting into complaining sessions.


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