{October 17, 2012}   On the Campaign Trail… Yard Signs and Facebook don’t win major elections!

About a week after the debates there was a constant stream of supporters looking for yard signs. This is like one of the largest pet peeves of campaign workers, because while they are fun for people to have, bumper stickers and yard signs are not very effective in winning elections. Sure they do bring out a small (and I mean miniscule) number of voters who have tendency to high school vote. “High school vote” meaning they vote for the candidate whom they think majority of other people are voting. Basically they treat major elections like popularity contests, they just want to be with the in-crowd, so if they see more signs and bumper stickers for one candidate or another they will vote that way. Now in actuality most people vote in the direction of their in-crowd, the follow their circle, only a very small amount base this opinion on the presence of stickers, pins, and yard signs.

With that said, people always want them, and a segment feel that by displaying this paraphernalia they have actually made some meaningful contribution to a campaign. Maybe its my upbringing, being raised by two older parents who spent their adolescent, teenage, and young adult years in the thick of and aftermath of the Civil Rights era in the South, but it seems inconceivable to me that people can be this apathetic about the various levels of government that impact their lives. More so, I can never understand people who do not feel compelled to contribute to their communities beyond simply being present. I mean I grew up volunteering, and not just on Thanksgiving (Nod to all the one day a year volunteers). Anyway, a little tidbit to people who think they are politically active from their homes and computers…

1) When People Tell Me We Need More Yard Signs


2) When People Tell Me That They Are Contributing By Tell All There Friends About the Candidate….

I guarantee you don’t have that many friends, and I can already tell you don’t know enough to be a source of relevant and accurate information.

3) What I Wanted to Say to the “Volunteer” Who Refuses to do Any Event or Activity I Call Her for but Posted this to her Facebook…

“Our President needs our help on a grassroots level for this campaign. That is why I have volunteered my time and skills.”

— except she doesn’t do anything! — this is what I wanted to post on her wall….

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