{July 6, 2014}   Tenacity

I think Tenacity is the perfect word for me. When I was younger I used to be on a community track team and that used to be our slogan. We’d gather in a circle and stretch our hands to the middle and yell TENACITY! It’s a good word. It comes from the word Tenacious, meaning “not easily stopped or pulled apart; firm or strong; continuing for a long time.” That’s pretty much me. The last few years have been rough, as evidence by my long silence. Maybe one day I will detail the struggle, but I tend to be a person who puts my head down, grits and bears the rough patch and then I come back stronger than ever. This is my stronger than ever moment. I tend to avoid reliving hard times, so even as I write, I seriously doubt there will be a rehashing except as excerpts in other blog posts on related subjects.

With that said, because my life has changed, so has the focus of my blog. I can’t promise I will be any more consistent than before, but I certainly will try. At least I’ll provide itemized updates. Right now I am on a fitness kick… I hate saying that because it makes it seem like a phase. In fact I have been serious about my fitness since September 1, 2013. I was just tired of being inconsistent. I found the gympact app online and have used that as an incentive to stick to my work out days.

I am in much better shape as far as endurance, muscle mass, etc. But I still need to lose weight because I haven’t really been that consistent with my food, except that I consistently love sweets… all day everyday. Don’t get me wrong I like healthy food, I’m not a fast food junkie, but I will eat a doughnut right along with my salad in a heart beat. I’m working on that, but in the meantime, I increasingly impress myself with my own fitness prowess. So I might as well celebrate what I am doing right. I also thought blogging again would provide some accountability on my journey. So here we go!

I have a couple (by couple I mean several) fitness challenges in the works:

1) My cousin does a fitness challenge on her blog every month, and I try to follow along. Only I always do it a month after she completes hers. I think its a ‘let’s see how she does first,’ type of thing. So for May she ran 50 miles in a month. I took that up as my fitness challenge in June. It actually worked out well because a good friend was in town on military leave that month and boy does he love to run, so I had a very fit running partner to help me step my game up. Results: I ran 66.9 miles in the month of June!!! Score for me! Seriously, I’ve never actually hit a fitness goal. I set them all the time on my runkeeper app and never achieve them in the allotted amount of time, let alone blow them out of the water! I had a week to spare by the time I hit my 50 miles.

2) The June fitness challenge which I am tackling in July is 3500 push ups in a month. I personally think this goal is cray cray but I am willing to try. I am at 540 push ups so far, so that’s something…

3) I also have the goal of being able to run a 1 mile without stopping. Though I am doing great as far as working out consistently, my endurance needs some work. This is more mental than anything. As soon as that burn starts to hit my leg I’m ready to stop, even though many times, I’m  not even winded. When I ran with my running partner I did intervals, 5 minutes and running 5 minutes walking. I think its time to step it up and do at least 6 minutes running 4 minutes walking. Also I want to just go as far as I can in my first mile, so by the end of July I hope to run my first mile and then do intervals for the remaining time of each work out. Typically I run/walk 3-5 miles per workout session.

4) I am going to continue the cumulative distance goal of last month. I will again aim for 50 miles this month. I was taking some time off from work last month so it was easier to get in large chunks of workout time. Now I will have to achieve 50 miles while also working.

5) Finally, I need to lose inches. I am able to get out on the pavement and pound out my workouts, but avoiding my trigger foods is another story. While I’m shaping up, its happening slowly because I haven’t really changed my diet. A family friend started taking more fiber and lost a significant amount of weight. So my fitness challenge this month is less about calorie counting and more about fiber intake. So I am trying to achieve 40 grams of natural fiber a day, not supplements or foods engineered with more fiber. I am also striving to do it within a 2,000 calories a day diet. I know you are supposed to reduce caloric intake to lose, but calorie counting hasn’t been working for me. For months I have maintained a 1500-1900 daily calorie limit and I have done decent at sticking to it. Yet, I have very little results by way of actual pounds lost. But now I’m ready to focus on the type of food I eat versus the number of calories I consume. I do the Daniel Fast every year and always lose weight without calorie counting, because of the type of food I eat. I am not ready to be a full-fledged vegan, but I figure if I focus on consuming natural fiber I will ingest far more fruits and vegetables than anything else, and thus hopefully, replicate the results of my annual fast. It takes effort to hit the 40 grams a day, so I am forced to be an intentional consumer of food. My goal is to 1.5 inches in my waist by the end of July.

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