{July 12, 2014}   Chamber’s Bay – It’s Mental

Chamber’s Bay is one of my favorite go-to runs. The view of the Sound is so beautiful. I love being out there. I made myself proud today and ran it twice. Anyone who knows about the killer hill at the end knows what a feat this is. I didn’t have a great time, but I’m proud of the distance.  One lap around the Chamber’s Bay Golf Course is  about a 5k, so I did that twice! I actually like how large the loop is because I am busy looking at scenery rather than focusing on the run. It really is mental for me. Unfortunately, sometimes I am not into the hills and there are several and one huge hill that my runkeeper app measures at 321 feet. Thus, as soon as I see a hill, I slow down. My greatest hurdle when running is my mind, if I could get past my dread of hills or preserving my energy for a final push (that usually never comes) then I would greatly improve my time. I always feel my thighs the morning after running Chamber’s Bay, but this time I’m feeling it before the end of the evening… It burns so good. Overall, I’m always hoping for a better time, but I’m happy with my distance logged.

I leave you with a lovely bird I snapped a picture of while running. Let’s be honest I used him for an unauthorized break. I was so close, and it didn’t even move. He was just as calm and secure as could be. I literally could have take to big steps and touched him. Anyway, I thought he looked peaceful and beautiful so it was a great way to wrap up my run.



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