{July 16, 2014}   What’s In a Name

I’m of the school of thought that your name describes your nature. Thus, I have always been outspoken about the need for parents to choose the names of their children wisely. Not just pick what sounds cool. I used to use the analogy that a persons name is like a book cover, you don’t know everything, but you can tell a lot. After all, “name” does mean nature. If I thought I could have made a career in it, I would have pursued a degree in etymology, the study of the literal meaning of names. Basically, I’ve always been a nerd. But I have found some consistent traits among certain names. For instance, I have always liked Naomi’s. The name means “pleasant” and they usually are, but in more ways than one. Every Naomi I have ever met has been a bit… um… friendly with guys. No judgment, do you. I just find it interesting because I’ve known quite a few Naomi’s and they all have the same reputation. I don’t really care, because otherwise they are the sweetest people. I think they are people pleasers… (yea, there’s a joke hanging right there, but I’ll leave the low hanging fruit alone today. LOL). On the other hand, sorry, but I can’t stand female Erin’s they have a complex that doesn’t jive with my personality. Basically, I don’t like bitchy people and they are bitchy people.

Anyways, with that said, I have recently become interested in aspects of Kabbalah. Not so much the spiritual elements, but just some of the practices that explain life. Well, one such practice is that your name helps shape not only your nature but also your destiny. I had my name analyzed and was a little freaked out at how accurate it was.


• Your first name makes you self-reliant, creative in practical ways, and an independent diligent worker.

• You work best alone making your own decisions as it is not always easy for you to respond to the advice and direction of others as you feel the need to be in control.

• You enjoy the simple pleasures of life especially activities that take you outdoors.

• You have a few good friends who enjoy similar activities.

• Living much within your own thoughts and finding it challenging to communicate easily with others, you are, at times, too candid and honest in your assessment of situations.


The analysis goes on, but that is just a preview. It’s pretty much dead on. I’ve highlighted everything that is true about me. The only thing that was a little off was the statement about the outdoors. As the name of my blog suggests, I’m pretty girly, and prissy, if you will. I do enjoy beautiful scenery, the water, even hiking trails, but I would in no way call me an outdoors girl, but its only partially wrong because I do appreciate the beauty of nature. It’s when I feel closest to GOD.

Out of curiousity I also had the names of other people I know well analyzed. I found that it’s most accurate when you use the name that the person identifies with. For instance, my military running partner goes by his middle name. His first name analysis was almost the antithesis of his personality, but his middle name was again, scarily accurate. I found it also works with last names as well. My last name compliments the traits of my first name. In a nutshell I’m diligent, ambitious, and blunt; yet sensitive and loyal.

So the question of the evening is how serious do you take these things. I mean, mine was spot on, so were the five other names I did. Can this be used to see if a person you are dating has a personality that is compatible with yours? Can this be used to decide on baby names? Serious Kabalarians do pick their baby names based on these analysis, its called finding a balanced name. I have to do more research, like I said, I’m in the dabbling stage. I tend to find new things to obsessively research for months on end, you know just for fun. Kabbalah might be my new thing for a while.


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