{July 18, 2014}   Measurements 2

So it’s that time again… I’m not going to lie, I struggled a little this week. I pretty much missed the mark all around. I did hit another running milestone, and I am 50% to my 50-mile goal for this month! Gotta take your wins when you can.

However, there were some definite challenges due in part to poor planning for long hours at work. This week I went over my calorie count 3 times, making an average of 283 over for each day of the week. I also missed my 40 grams of fiber for everyday except 2 days. My average fiber intake for each day was 35.71 grams, so still well above the recommended amount (28 grams for women), but not quite my goal.

There was some loss this week, but very little. I think that also had to do with the fact that I really cheated myself with my exercising this week: I was a little over two hours short of my workout minutes this week. I have a goal each week to work out 450 minutes, but I only made it to 328 minutes. Thus, I only burned 1,363 calories, 531 calories fewer than I needed this week to stay on track for my ultimate end of the year goal of 100K calories burned in 2014. So I will definitely have to kick it up a notch this coming week. I am not giving up!


July 08, 2014                                                             July 16, 2014
Neck: 0 – change                                                             0 – change

Bust: 0 – change                                                              0 – change

Upper Waist: 0 – change                                               0 – change

Navel:  -1.25″                                                                   -.25″

Hips:  -1″                                                                          0 – change

Body Fat: -2.71%                                                            -1.1%

BMI:                                                                                  0 – change



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