{July 22, 2014}   Can I make it?

I missed a couple of days of running and more than a couple days as far as strength training. Today I got back on track with a 3.23 mile run around the nearby “lake” (its a pond people!) and surprise surprise I actually I actually shaved off almost a minute per mile! I was especially impressed because my energy level lately has been none existent, (I think I need to start vitamins…) maybe that break did me some good. Anyways yay for me!

However, losing the days means I have fewer days to reach my goal of 50 miles in a month. I am working hard not to compare myself to last month when I had a running partner and time off from work, but I’d reached my 50 last month by this date. I can still make it. I have 9 days left in the month to run 19 miles. I am going to try not to cut it close so all runs now need to be about 3 miles. My concern is next month. Work isn’t slowing down and the goal for next month is 65 miles! But why borrow tomorrows problems.  So as for this month YES I can make and I will!


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