{July 25, 2014}   Measurement 3 — Progress… Slow and Steady

I have been feeling quite discouraged lately. I’m tired, and I want sugar all the time. It’s getting close to “that time.” I typically don’t talk about things like that, but not talking about it doesn’t make it any less true. I feel like right before Aunt Flo visits each month, I’m like a sugar addicted out of control maniac. I won’t say I can’t control my self, but it does feel very close to that way. Every craving is need. I wasn’t sure if I was just creating an excuse to splurge, so  I did my own review of my eating habits in the last two months to make sure it wasn’t just in my head. The results are here. As you can see, the fluctuation in a woman’s hormones truly effects not only energy and cravings but, I believe, the ability to fight the cravings. So maybe I need to work harder the other 3 weeks of the month to offset any damage done when my resistance is down.

However that is not the point of this post. Because I had not been the best at sticking to my diet, I had a couple days of throwing caution to the wind. I felt like “who cares, I’m seeing very little progress anyways. But I did my measurements anyway, and what do you know, even with my poor choices over the last couple days I still made some progress. This adds incentive to resist. If I can just push past the temptation and remember that progress is being made. The measurements aren’t particularly impressive but my body fat and BMI had improvement. Plus I weighed in 5lbs lighter during a time when I’m usually 5lbs heavier! I’ll take that!

July 08, 2014                                                             July 16, 2014                                                 July 23, 2014
Neck: 0 – change                                                             0 – change                                                                -.5″

Bust: 0 – change                                                              0 – change                                                                0 – change

Upper Waist: 0 – change                                               0 – change                                                                +.5″

Navel:  -1.25″                                                                   -.25″                                                                          0 – change

Hips:  -1″                                                                          0 – change                                                                0 – change

Body Fat: -2.71%                                                            -1.1%                                                                          -1.0%

BMI:                                                                                  0 – change                                                                 -.98


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