{August 2, 2014}   Fall and Get Back Up

A few days ago, I talked about how I fell off the wagon with my exercise and food. Well I’m back on track. I did a long run on Thursday (yesterday), 6.35 miles. I was very proud of myself. Nearly 900 calories burned. An interesting thing happened. I was running, and I marveled that I had gone further without stopping than I have run in a very long time. This is the first route of significant distance that I’ve run since my running partner left town. So I was really marveling at myself, and the fact that I wasn’t letting my mind defeat me and wouldn’t you know I tripped on a curb. Actually tripped is putting it mildly, I’m still embarrassed. I face planted and have the scared hands to show for it. I’m pretty sure the people passing me in the car started laughing at me with their windows down and, I’m not sure, but I think the crows overhead were laughing too. They started cawing at a most suspicious time, as in right after my fall.

It wasn’t long ago that a scrapped knee, stinging hands, and humiliation would have been enough to send me home. But I didn’t go home. Nope. I kept running, I finished my route! Now that is something to be proud of! Its just like this fitness journey I’m on. I get stronger, mentally and physically every day and though I slip up, my rebounds come sooner and with greater determination. So here is to getting back up!  Also, I hit my goal during this run, so 50 miles in the month of July!!!!





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