{August 8, 2014}   What are you willing to neglect? Your baby, your client, your dog?

Today was a busy one. I woke up early and started working around 6am. I had a deadline that had to be met by the end of the day and I was nowhere close to finishing the assignment. You see I’d just gotten this assignment, that would normally take me a week, 24-hours earlier. I was stressed to say the least.

My original plan for the morning was to go for my long jog (6-8 miles) this morning. With the pending deadline I cut that down to a 30-min run, and then before I could get out the door, I received a text that prompted me to decide that I needed every second I could get; so no run at all. Well I worked through the day, and guess what?! The deadline was pushed back significantly at the end of the day, which meant that I could breathe. Yay!!! It also meant, I stressed for nothing. Boo!!!

Now that my nerves had calmed down, I started to reflect. All day my body kept screaming for a run… I know crazy right, my body wants to run. 🙂 LOL! All day I ignored the call and in the end everything worked out. In hindsight, even if the deadline hadn’t been changed, skipping my 30-minute run wouldn’t have saved the day. So why did I think it would?

I guess the same reason I eat when I stress. Or why I seem to actually thinking that “I’m too stressed to work out” is a valid excuse. Skipping my run didn’t do anything for me today, except make me feel unaccomplished, despite all that I accomplished at work. I didn’t take care of myself. I work in a high-stress career field and the advice I get over and over from older attorneys is that they wished they’d taken better care of their health. I need to take that seriously.

Once at a weight loss workshop the speaker talked about how many overweight people are guilty of skipping meals (raising hand and waving it in the air). She said she was so busy being a great wife and a great mother, that she was lousy to herself. She changed this bad habit by thinking about the fact that she would never forget to feed her child, she would never neglect her child, so she started thinking of herself as another child in a way. When she was tempted to skip a workout or skip a meal, she thought ‘would I ever be too busy to feed my baby?’ It seemed to make sense to me.

Right now my baby, is my career and once upon a time my beloved dog, who passed. So if I set an appointment with a client, I wouldn’t skip it. If my client needed a resource (healthy food) I would break my neck to get it to them. My dog ate homemade organic dog food. He took 2-4 walks a day, and at least one was at a minimum of one hour, EVERY DAY. So the very least I can do is honor my appointments to myself. So tomorrow, I have a long run at 7:30am. See you out there. 🙂 Here’s an old picture of my beloved puppy. I miss him…  





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