{August 15, 2014}   What this blog is not…

I was thinking over the post I wanted to write today. The post in my head exclaimed how pumped I was about my workout, how hard I worked today, and that even though its raining I still got in. I was going to end with the phrase “Can’t stop, Won’t stop!” Very motivational, if I do say so myself. So basically, I had a very strong urge to LIE…

Not lie about my workout, but lie about how I felt about my workout. You see, for a moment I wanted to post a bright and sunny narrative about how enthusiastic I was about working out and how energized I felt and how motivated I am now that I have been doing it for awhile, but that is a lie. So I felt I should be upfront about what this blog is and what it isn’t.

This blog, lately, has focused on my weight loss journey and more importantly my fitness journey. But this blog is not a weight loss and fitness blog.

This blog is not is a blog about someone who used to fall off the wagon, but has found renewed motivation and is “never going back.”

This is not a blog about someone who resists temptation daily because “my goals are sweeter than any treat.”

This is not a blog about someone who used to never work out and now loves it and can’t get enough.

This is not the blog off a fitness fanatic who fake whines about “only” jogging 5 miles today.

This is not a blog about someone who has lost weight or is losing weight rapidly.


This is the blog of someone who is still in the midst of the necessary mind altering process that is the foundation of any weight loss story.

This is the blog of someone who still eats sweets when she stresses, or is happy, sad, tired, lonely, overworked, annoyed, angry, bored….(the list goes on).

This is the blog of someone who celebrates small victories, like working out 60 minutes despite self-sabotaging thoughts.

This is the blog of someone who was always physically active as a child and in sports, because I came from an athlete-producing family.

This is the blog of someone who never actually liked working out even though I was in about three sports a year; track, soccer, cheer leading (and yes! cheer leading is a sport, especially when you are forced to be the base and hoist those heifers up). Why did I participate if I hated working out? Because I came from an athlete-producing family, of course!

This is the blog of someone who always loved sugar, but had a great metabolism… until I didn’t. Seriously the amount of sugar I ate growing up and well into adulthood, I should be morbidly obese. Instead I am overweight with bad skin.

This is the blog of someone who has fallen off the wagon many times, and may not be done doing so.

This is a flawed person’s weight loss and fitness journey.

So seasoned advice I don’t have. Nutrition and fitness know how, I do. Motivation to implement the knowledge I have is in varied supply.

With that said…Here is a truthful blog post about working out despite my feelings:

Today, I traveled 40 miles one-way for work. I went to a fantastic seminar on employment law, nerd alert! I also networked with some great people and some patronizing people. You know the type, they think every private practice attorney is practicing solo or in small firms because they couldn’t land the big gig at a large firm in a building with 44 floors (like who wants to work on the 44th floor anyway? Is the building so large so that you can never leave the office?).

They had great food and wine at the reception after the seminar (gotta love the most alcoholic-producing profession out there)! When I made it home, I really didn’t want to work out even though I promised myself a run. It had started to rain, so I gave myself permission to skip. Yet, I remembered my most recent post and I told myself, “I am tired of lying to myself.”

My gym was open for another hour, so I quickly changed and hit the treadmill and did some strength training (my cousins new fitness challenge). And guess what I shaved an entire minute off per  today. Whoot! Whoot!!  So there you have it small victories, sore arms, and an accomplished feeling. That is what this blog is about! Have a good night.


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