{August 27, 2014}   Adventures!

August has been a busy month. Still working on fitness as always. I’ve incorporated some Zumba days so that I can switch it up a bit from running… By the way, Zumba does not burn the number of calories they claim. I make sure to do the advanced steps and I’m pretty good about keeping up, my heart rate almost never reaches my max and I NEVER burn 500 calories like they claim. However, its something different and I enjoy it.

I’m focusing on strength training and light cardio for a couple weeks because I just got my new Sisterlocks!!! I have to let them settle for awhile. I tell you what its truly and investment. $$$$ However, I think its worth it already. Twice in two days I’ve received compliments and they haven’t even settled yet. I’ll post pictures below of my new style. I’m excited for my journey.  Plus, I haven’t talked about discounts but this is one of those times it pays to find a bargain. Sisterlocks cost a lot of money to have installed, so I found a woman who was helping a trainee out and was given a discount to allow her to practice locking in my hair. I’m not too worried about quality because the consultant seemed like a perfectionist and would not hesitate to have the trainee redo a lock or entire rows. Needless to say the process took a while – 27 hours not including breaks, spread out over 2 1/2 days usually from 8 in the morning until 11pm. We estimate about 600-700 locks, I will count the first time I bind and wash them.

I use the trainee technique of finding deals on spa treatments by going to cosmetology schools as well. Some experiences are better than others, I prefer the experiences where you still have a spa atmosphere even though there are students working instead of employees.

Also, speaking of journey… I am headed to Europe in a few weeks, I will try to post as often as possible. This will be my first trip to Europe so I am very excited! In the meantime, I haven’t posted as much because I have to make sure all of my clients are in a good place before I go. I received a deal on my ticket by flying in the middle of the week and on September 11th. I know some people are superstitious about this day, but I figure because of heightened security it may end up being the safest day to travel. Anyway, I saved $500 on my plane ticket so, I’ll just pray for safe travels as I always do and keep it pushing.   I LOVE ADVENTURES!

Here is a picture during install:




Sisterlocks during install

Sisterlocks during install


Picture of my finished product. I am trying to get you to see how tiny my sisterlocks are. I know they will expand some, but I’m hoping not by much.



Here’s another up close shot to see how truly small I had mine installed. I did mostly small throughout the head and a diamond shape of medium in the middle.


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