{January 18, 2015}   Wedding Planning

I have always been that girl with a wedding binder. I mean I would literally sit for hours and map out a wedding. Yet here I am with six months to my wedding and no clue where to begin! How did this happen?

Well for one (1), when you’re a kid you have an unlimited budget.

(2) Even when you imagined that you might marry a man in the military (what can I say I’m a military brat, I knew it was a possibility), little things like world conflicts, Return No Later dates, commanders, supervisors, leave time, never actually figured in to the plan. Everything just worked out.

(3) You certainly didn’t have a fiance who was halfway around the world and would be until shortly before the wedding (and possible during the planned wedding! But that’s another post and another set of tears).  So even when you went out of your way to marry one of those great guys who is actually willing to help pick invitations and colors, you have to do everything through email, and you have no one to help with the major decisions. 😦

However, if I am nothing, I am a woman who has always risen to the challenge. So even though my wedding planner says I only have 140 days until the wedding. Even though the wedding planner starts 18 months before your wedding, no matter what, and serves as a reminder of how much time you DON’T have. Even though you are working on a small budget because there is little time to save. Even though military plans are dictating your wedding date. I know I can pull this off!

– I graduated law school early

– I ran a campaign team on crutches during the election

– Hell I pledged!

Surely I can do this. Now, all I have to do is lose weight, avoid sleep, prep for trial, plan to move around the world, and plan a wedding. Done, done, and done… (cue tears now).


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