I’m always nervous when I have to invite people to an event I’m planning. I don’t know why. I’m surrounded by people I love and who love me. But for some reason I always have this perpetual fear that no one will show. Considering my wedding is short notice and many people I have made plans for the summer, my fears are somewhat legitimate. Already two of my closest friends can’t attend. ūüė¶ One is attending her college roommates wedding and the other is on a cruise, so its not like they have plans that can easily be changed. Still I feel a strange calm because I feel like whomever is meant to be at my wedding will be there and that is good enough for me. Still I hope they send a gift…LOL! Here are ALL of the invitation samples I ordered, I will do another post with the finalists. Each are price by 100. This doesn’t even include all of the invitations I’ve looked at, just the companies that sent free samples. I don’t think I will buy from a company that does not send samples. From what I’ve seen they do not pass the savings of not sending samples onto the customer, plus most do not have a ‘no questions asked’ policy about returning invitations, which I think is ridiculous. I understand that they are customized but if you are not going to give me the opportunity to view the invitations in person at least allow me to return them if I am unhappy.¬† My colors are Pink and Grey with accents of Air Force Blue. When possible I ordered the samples in my colors. The pictures I selected are from the websites just because they’re better quality but I copied them in the color and style I was sent.

Magnet Street РWhom My Soul Loves Р$380                                     Magnet Street РAntique Filigree Р$370


Magnet Street – Classic Lace – $170

Magnet Street is a pricier invitation company for someone on a budget but they do have a nice selection. Their “bargain” invitations like the Classic Lace are still expensive for what you are receiving, when I received the Classic Lace sample it was cheap look and not worth nearly $2.00 on its own. I knew I would have to embellish it before I was satisfied which defeated the purpose of the lower price. I did love the Antique Filigree invitation though.

 Exclusively Weddings РLace Couture Р$189                               Exclusively Weddings РVictorian Bliss Р$199

Lace Couture Wedding...                                                         Victorian Bliss...

Exclusively Weddings РVintage Love Р$59.95                          Exclusively Weddings РPastel Passion Р129.95

Vintage Love Wedding...                                           Response Card,...


Exclusively Weddings – Ascot Lace – $169.95

Ascot Lace

The Lace Couture and the Pastel Passion invitations are my favorite from this set of samples. They are still in the running. On frustration with these invitation companies are that they do not offer enough customization options for the price they charge. Exclusively Weddings is actually very reasonably priced for what you receive and thus I wouldn’t mind embellishing these invitations to match my vision.

B Weddings- Classic Floral- $309                                                              B Weddings РPretty In Pink Р$374.00

classic floral letter-fold - wedding invitations                                                          pretty in pink pocket  - wedding invitations

B Weddings РRomantic Couture with Pearls Р$309.00                  B Weddings РElegant Lase Cut Wrap Р$397.00

romantic couture with pearls - wedding invitations                                                                  elegant laser cut wrap - wedding invitations

B Weddings – Silk Embossed Lase Cut – $2.86

silk embossed laser cut frame - wedding invitations

B Weddings was the most expensive and yet my favorite of the invitation sets. I even went to Etsy to see if I could find someone who could make a version of the Elegant Lace Cut. I did find a vendor who was willing to make it for about $2.60 a piece which isn’t bad but she is in Korea so the shipping will be expensive. I’m still considering it.

Wedding Paper Divas – My Beloved’s – $189¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Wedding Paper Diva’s – Engraved Love – $199


Wedding Paper Divas РClassic Devotion Р$349                            Wedding Paper Divas РLithe Lace  Р$189

                                                                      Lithe Lace - Signature White Wedding Invitations - Marchesa - Black : Front

I was very disappointed in Wedding Paper Divas, especially since it was recommended by different people. They lacked in customization options. I would often find the color I wanted, but not the ink, then the style but not the color. I even called the customer service. To their credit their representative stayed on the phone for about 40 minutes with me but he could not find anything that matched my colors or my them. We both seemed exhausted and frustrated with the company’s lack of options.

Ann’s Bridal Bargains – Lacy Romance Petite – $99.99¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Ann’s Bridal Bargains – Vintage Appeal – $131.99

Lacy Romance - Petite Invitation                                                        

Ann’s Bridal Bargains – Ecru Seal and Send – $ 131.99

Pearl Flourish - Ecru - Seal and Send Invitation

The American Wedding РGreta Р$159                                           The American Wedding РPearlized Love Р$169

Greta Wedding Invitations                                                   Pearlized Love Wedding Invitations

The American Wedding РRose Bouqet Р$59.95                      The American Wedding РBridal Blessings Р$159.00

Rose Bouquet Wedding Invitations - LIMITED STOCK ON HAND                                                         Bridal Blessings Wedding Invitations

The American Wedding – Perfect Match – $139

The Perfect Match Wedding Invitations

American Wedding has some great cheap options. Some look cheap though so order the samples! I found many invitations I could embellish to match my vision but again the lack of color and style options was stifling.

If their is any truth you have to swallow as a budget bride early and often is that options are not open to your price range…


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