{June 20, 2015}   Challenging My Way to a Better Me!

So I rarely talk about age, I am after all raised by southern parents. But I am entering a milestone birthday. I know everyone does resolutions when they are approaching milestones. This is less about having the “best year ever” or being in the “best shape of my life.” But I feel like I am getting in better shape everyday and I want to keep the momentum going. So on that note, I have some goals I’d like to accomplish every month. Something new to look forward to as I continue on my fitness journey.

1. 30 Miles a Month –  First, I’d like to run/ walk at least 30 miles each month of the year. This should be a foundational goal for me. Lately, I’ve been able to run on average 35-40miles a month so this shouldn’t be too hard, I just need to maintain the status quo.

2. 30 Day Challenges – Each month I will try a new 30 day challenge to try and keep my activities fresh. I found the website: I don’t know much about this blogger or her website, but I like the abundance of free challenges. Each month I will randomly pick a new challenge, that way I won’t cherry pick the exercises I like and avoid those that I don’t. Because we are already halfway through the month of June the first challenge will be 10 days, each afterwards will be 30 days, and the last in June 2016 will be 20 days, so everything evens out.

My first challenge is a Lunge Challenge:

  • 30 Forward Lunges (alternating legs)
  • 20 Right Lunges
  • 20 Left Lunges
  • 30 Reverse Lunges (alternating legs)
  • As many jump/switch lunges as you can do for 30 secs! (increasing each time)

3. Run 30k in Races – I am finally to the point that I can run 3-5 miles non-stop. So now it’s time to put the training into action. I want to run at least 6 – 5k races between now and next June. Each time I will try to improve my time as well. This one I am particularly excited about because I keep putting off actually entering and competing in a 5k. Now I am giving myself no option.

I will probably try other activities, possibly: quilting, writing, cooking classes, etc. But those will have less pressure associated with them. By the way can you tell my new age based on my goals?! LOL.

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