{July 1, 2015}   Wedding Planning Series: Wedding Photographer

Dana of Urban Utopia Photography

I loved my photographer! She is genuinely one of the best, if not THE best, decision of my wedding (besides my husband lol). Dana is amazing and such a fun person. She is so thorough. Of all my vendors, I felt she was the one who really cared about her work and making my day special. During our first conversation we talked nearly two hours. She was keeping notes the whole time and she did this with every conversation. I was so thankful for this. I was a very thorough bride, and I found most vendors seemed to resent the fact that I was fastidious with notes and could recall details they’d promised. Dana loved that quality and was even better at it than I was. I really liked how thorough she was with taking notes. I never had to repeat things that were important to me. In fact, she reminded me of details and picture ideas we’d talked about months earlier. Because of this I never felt like she was trying to take advantage of me or capitalize on an emotional time. She never tried to hard sell me on things I couldn’t afford.

Dana from Urban Utopia Photography with my Matron of Honor.

Dana from Urban Utopia Photography with my Matron of Honor.

She knew all the details about my family, who liked whom, who could stand next to who. She asked questions about details I didn’t even think of. She was fantastic. At the event I had trouble with other vendors not doing their jobs, it was Dana who comforted me and helped out where she could. She has a way of taking amazing intimate and natural pictures, while using her personality to liven people up and getting their best shots. She’s both inconspicuous and interactive at the same time. Even at the reception, sometimes I didn’t even know she was taking pictures she’s so good at blending in. Yet she also gets right in and engages with everyone. At one point I saw her holding a baby, dancing, and snapping shots. LOL! It was hilarious! So many of my guests commented on how much they enjoyed her. But its not just her personality; her photography is amazing. I love her ideas and her photos. She is so creative. You don’t get the stuffy traditional shots, but you don’t miss any of the important pictures (like pics with grandma). I also appreciated the fact that she doesn’t have standard shots. I’ve looked through hundreds of pictures in her gallery and I didn’t feel like my photos were just cookie cutter shots from other weddings.

Dana is worth every penny. I had a budget wedding, but I am glad I invested in her services. Your pictures will really be the only lasting tangible thing from your wedding and I am so glad I hired Dana, I really feel I got the best by hiring her.


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