{August 1, 2015}   August Fitness Challenge


For the month of August I am taking my fitness challenges in a different direction. As in indoors LOL. It’s monsoon season but its hot! Like sweating in the rain hot. So I decided that to avoid anymore dehydration issues, I should take it inside. There are several fitness classes on the base so my challenge this month is to:

– Drink at least 30 more ounces of water a day (this is actually going to be difficult, how much water can one person drink!).

– Attend 30 fitness classes this month or do this HIIT workout on days I don’t go on base. However, I am also challenging myself to at least attend a class one class every 3 days.

– I also challenge myself to apply to at least 3 jobs a week (It’s hard to work overseas, but I think even the act of applying is mentally stimulating)

– Bonus challenge is to attend one social event each week. This is mostly because its easy to get into a rut and only hang around people in your service member’s squadron, except very few of the service members are married or accompanied in my husband’s squadron. So hopefully this will help me think out of the box as far as socializing.


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