{August 28, 2015}   August Fitness Goals Update

My body is getting used to the heat and constant walking so weight loss has slowed but not stopped. So that’s always a good thing. I’ll have to get back to you about how many inches I’ve lost (I lost my tape measurer lol. ) but I have released 10 lbs so that’s makes me very happy. I need to start watching my diet a little more.  In Korea, we eat a lot of rice so that has been tricky for me.

Yoga has been my fitness class of choice about 2 days a week and every now and then I do a hula fitness class. Let me tell you hula is deceptive. I had no idea how much my abs would be engaged for an entire hour at a time! Thus, abs that are on fire the next day. Lol. I also tried my has at cross fit but with all the walking I already do (on average 7-10miles a day) it just felt like too much at this point. I’m getting my water in which explains my fascination with Korean bathrooms right now. 🙂 Overall I am pleased with the progress. It’s especially gratifying when others notice… I went to pay my rent the other day and my realtor exclaimed, “oh my! You’re shrinking!” Thanks for noticing. 🙂

P.S. In August I lost 2.5 inches!

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