{September 1, 2015}   September Fitness Challenge

My fitness challenge for September is to maintain my walking at the higher end. Last week alone I walked 36 miles (about 91,000 steps). Rather than go for a higher rate, I want to maintain a consistency. Right now I can go anywhere from 12 miles a week to nearly 40 miles. So I’ve got the mileage down, not to step up the intensity and variety.

  1. Steps: Walk at least 60,000 steps a week. This will equal approximately 24 miles. I think this is a happy median that will keep me from having “lazy” weeks.
  2. Strength: I am entering into an ab challenge this month. I need to focus more on strength.
  3. Scheduled Classes: I am really getting into HIIT workouts so I am challenging myself to 2/ week. This particular YouTube channel, Millionaire Hoy,  has a variety of HIIT workouts that are tough but doable for me. I will also continue with my yoga each week.
  4. Substance: If I could just focus on working out and not my food intake it would be a great world. But I have to be honest with myself. My progress is never going to speed up if I don’t get my food under control. No crazy diets or outlandish promises. There is a 7 day challenge going around. For the last week I’ve been doing a fairly good job of sticking to these relatively simple rules. It’s not precise nutrition guidance, but I just need something that’s workable for me and something I will stick to.

I am also challenging myself to provide more frequently. Unlike other bloggers I follow who are working on releasing weight, I have the fitness and nutrition knowledge. It’s the consistency that get me every time. So while I am pushing myself physically, my challenges are equally focused on practicing the habit of habit. Meaning, I am trying to get consistent exercise at specific times ingrained in my psyche and in my muscles’ memory.

Finally, I’m not in love with my ab challenge so if someone finds a better one that is effective, fun, and has variety I would appreciate it.



I am proud to announce that I met my challenge and then some during the month of September. I walked and/ or ran 115 miles in September!!!! it helps that walking is my primary mode of transportation. 

I also lost 6 lbs in September!!!!!

I attended my classes, especially yoga and I had designated dessert days. I did eat bread but significantly less than normal. So I am feeling good and ready to to start a new challenge. 


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