{November 23, 2015}   Finding Christmas

Remember the song from the Grinch “where are you Christmas?” I feel like I just lived out the chorus with an all day adventure looking for the Christmas Market in Seoul.

It all started when a spouse posted pictures on Facebook that the market was back again this year.

Well of course, I am even more desperate for the Christmas season now than ever. So I set out on adventure with a couple other spouse to “find Christmas.” We asked for directions, but the fact that we’d never been to this part of Seoul coupled with the fact that many spouses refuse to take public transportation, getting accurate and easy to find directions, proved difficult. We did eventually find the market and I was pleasantly surprised. It wasn’t Christmas like in the states but it felt more rustic and maybe even more traditional, less commercialized. I’m not sure if this is representative of Christmas in Korea but I found it interesting.

On our way to finding Christmas we also found the Seoul Lantern festival.

A high end mall…
A Johnny Rockets…

And we learned how to take the bus back home, rather than the subway…

 Not a bad adventure if I do say so myself.

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