I love a good deal. Look at the name of my blog after all. And the best deals are on large purchases. When I can write about a shopping experience two weeks later and still feel like I got the best deal in town. Hubby and I were in desperate need of a mattress. Our household goods was somewhere sailing the seas from Korea and our household items that were left in storage had yet to be located. We bought an air mattress, but after the first night I knew that that was not the solution to our problems. I was willing to tough it out at first, but after about a week I realized two things: 1) I’m getting old, I used to be able to crash anywhere. 2) Our marriage was not going to survive long if we kept waking up sore and cranky. So we went mattress shopping. We got a great deal, during and after a large purchase I like to check the internet to confirm I truly do have Sadity Cents. I was determine to get high quality at a great price. After all my marriage depended on a good nights sleep. Here’s how I did it:

Start with the high end shop first. Find the mattress type you love. We went to a Sleep Number bed on a recent date night and fell in love with adjustable beds. I like the sleep number concept, but we walked out knowing we needed an adjustable base for our bed. Next we went a store that had a large variety of foam mattresses. My husband loved them, I could take or leave them. One of the benefits of our Sleep Number adventure was that I learned I truly enjoy a very firm mattress. My husband likes a soft mattress. What’s a couple to do? Meet in the middle. By the time we were ready to purchase we knew we wanted an adjustable base and a firm mattress with a foam top. I’d also been gathering prices at the two different stores. So the Saturday of our purchase we stopped at one store and found the mattress and base combo we wanted. I was ready to purchase, but my money saving rule is that I never make a large purchase on the spot. So we left to discuss it. In the mean time, we went to their main competitor. They are slightly more high end so we looked at their deals. They almost had us with an amazing all in one adjustable base, mattress and accessory deal. But I called the first store and told them that we were at the competitors and I told them what they were offering. The salesman matched their price, but with his mattress we got a warranty and a mattress cover to protect the warranty of the bed. I also had him throw in some foam pillows (best decision) I’d been admiring. So he got his sale, I got my mattress almost two hundred dollars cheaper than the great price he first quoted (which was $200 less than the sale price because of military discount) and some extras. It pays to comparison shop.


{July 29, 2016}   Food for Thought: Grilling

We ran into a snafu with our move. The email that said our home goods had arrived was wrong, they weren’t even in country yet and the storage goods that we left in the states are lost somewhere between the mountain states and the east coast. Yikes! So what do you do with no dishes, pots or pans? Well normally I’d say go to the Airman Attic but since ours is sorely under supplied; hit the garage sales. We picked up a couch, some plates, some pans but most importantly a grill.

Grilling is the all-in-one cooking method that relieves the need for a large amount of utensils or culinary supplies. Here are some of our meals we’ve created. None of them were cooked on a stove.


Lamb Burgers with Grilled Asparagus


Grilled Chicken with Healthy Coleslaw


Can you tell we like asparagus?


Grilled Salmon, Corn on the Cob, Grilled Yam, Brown Rice with Quinoa, and a side salad.


Steaks with Roasted Vegetables, Corn, Yams, and a Summer Salad

{July 25, 2016}   New Home, New Opportunity

Hubby and I are finally in our new home and settling into our new community. Our base is beautiful though activities are scarce. Many of the morale services that one would be used to on an active base have been diminished on this one. As I talk to long time staff on base, part of the reason is because the base has experienced such a lack of participation. It’s a shame, often people complain that there are few opportunities for entertainment and fun but they don’t show up when they arise. I was very involved at the last base and hope to get involved here. I see the lack of participation as an opportunity to be of service to my new community and hopefully help improve the base. Here’s to new service opportunities and being part of the solution, not part of the problem. 

Well we are setting up a new home! Yay! Of course our stuff is currently “unaccounted for” by the military. Boo! However with the little bit I have I am working to set up house. When I packed I made sure to have a few things in a suitcase called “household.” People laughed and said it was overkill, but considering that our storage was never sent from the government storage facility and the household goods, which we received confirmation of arrival for is now missing, I think I made the right choice.

Some of the things I packed were :

  • A plate, bowl, and a set of eating utensils for each household member
  • A cup and a mug for each household member
  • A pan and a pot
  • A large spoon (I bought a knife upon arrival because we had to take a plane)
  • A set of sheets
  • Air mattress
  • A pillow for each household member
  • Two sets of towels for each household member
  • A travel blanket
  • A large blanket
  • Dish towels
  • Manual blender bottle for my shakes

et cetera