{August 15, 2016}   Military Wife Life: PCS Chronicals

Death By Fire AND Sea

Remember that time our car was burned up in the middle of the sea?! 

Yep, that happened. On its way from Belgium to Korea our car, which we immaculately detailed before leaving, was destroyed by fire while on a boat. Everyone asks if we got insurance money for it. Yes, we did. But when the military insures, you get a flat rate they apply to a range of models. It doesn’t matter how nice you kept your car, it doesn’t matter how much it will be to replace it with a similar make and model. Nope you, get your flat rate… So we have one car now.

Ma’am we have your stuff, but… not all of your stuff

So the good news… After a month of waiting (even though we did the paperwork before leaving Korea and took a 30-day leave en route), we finally got a household delivery today. Yay!

The interesting news… It wasn’t the delivery from Korea like it was supposed to be. It was the stateside delivery. Hmm…OK…

The bad news half of the stateside shipment was missing. Ugh!

Anything that could happen has happened! When will this move be over!

The nice thing about the packers in Korea is that they packed EVER-Y-THING… even the groceries I left out to give to neighbors. So the perk? We don’t have to replace all of the expensive culinary items like spices and expensive oils. The downfall? They pack everything including groceries. So, the expensive sesame oil that I was planning to give away anointed everything in the box with it and then fermented while it traveled across the ocean. 

As one of the movers said, “It smells like pig in here.” Considering I was the one to clean up the mess and was carrying the smell everywhere I went, I was especially thrilled with that observation. Thanks.

Anybody else have a great PCS story?


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