{August 20, 2016}   Food For Thought: Friday Night Date-In

Its been a busy week. We’ve had a shipment from our household goods come in, so I spent most of this week unpacking. Hubby has been hard at work and school and then he comes home and unpacks some more! I love him 😍. So its nice to take a moment to just relax on our porch and enjoy a date night in.

We just bought a new patio set and want to enjoy as many evenings outside as possible. Luckily the weather has been very cooperative.

What’s on the menu tonight? Well, Sam’s club had a great deal on Wild-caught Alaskan Sockeye salmon. I couldn’t resist, look at how beautiful these fillets are! I’m also trying my hand at a new recipe: Grilled Artichoke. I was inspired by a Grilled Artichoke and Parmesan recipe. Instead, I tried goat cheese as a pairing instead of Parmesan. Because artichoke produces so little fruit for all of your efforts, I’m also adding our standard grilled veggies and some quinoa and brown rice by Seeds of Change (seriously love this stuff).

The verdict for tonight’s dinner was delicious! I loved the artichoke     I will say it probably won’t be in constant rotation because it takes so much time, with so little reward. But we thoroughly enjoyed our treat. 


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