{July 19, 2017}   Sadity Baby: My Postpartum Kit

I have gone through most of this pregnancy as natural as possible and I figured the 4th Trimester was no exception. I had a lot of recommendations for different store brand aids to help with recovery, but I decided to go the natural and home made route. Not to mention that since I had a natural home birth, most of the items were not provided for me like they would have been in a hospital.

After birth the main focus for recover is to heal you nether regions, which have just been through a life changing experience so most of these items focus on that.

  • Peri Bottle – My midwife did provide this for me and told me to fill it with witch hazel and water to help soothe me as I used the restroom. I suggest you have one in every bathroom for easy access.
  • Earth Mama Angel Baby Mama Bottom Balm — I like the company in general and had heard amazing things about this particular product as a substitute to Dermoplast. It soothes after birth.
  • Witch Hazel and soft paper towels – Some people use Tucks Pads, but this is essentially the same thing. Have a large stock prepared either way you go. Layer them on you pads.
  • Pads – I bought Depends underwear at the recommendation of veteran moms. I later downgraded to very thick pads, and then later thinner pads.
  • Ibuprofen – It helps with pain and swelling without interfering with nursing.
  • Padsicles – I made mine out of aloe Vera, lavender essential oil, and witch hazel. I then froze a few and had them ready immediately for after birth. Here is a good post with instructions on how to make padsicles.





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