I am in my late 20s. I have a resume a mile long, as I started college early, earned two advance degrees,been published, served as a college lecturer, and I have worked on several campaigns (including the last national political campaign) and for politicians as a staffer . I’m used to 90 hour weeks, little sleep, and lots of coffee. Basically, I listened to the sage advice of old wives. I  focused on my education and career and done more before 30 than many people do with their entire careers. What they didn’t tell me was that I was supposed to have fun too! Now I want to figure out life… I know, I know, I did it backwards. So this blog is about me becoming ME, whomever she is.

Things I know about HER so far is: I like to read, watch movies and British TV, I love a good discount, but I also really like name brand and (more importantly) quality items, I really like putting things in parenthesis (even when it’s not grammatically correct), I’m learning to like exercising, as I decisively LOVE food. For many years my best friend was my dog Onyx, as he traveled the country with me while I pursued new goals at an exhausting pace. Sadly he passed (well he was killed by an over confident Veterinarian), so I am making myself my new best friend and adding a few people to the circle as well (Although I must admit, the more I get to know people, the more I miss my dog).

I don’t really know what this blog will become, as I am still figuring out who I will become. I have the career part pretty much set, it just depends on how ambitious I want to be. Now I have to get the person together, as a career only lasts so long, and only fills so many voids. Searching for a life of balance… Or at least a life…

P.S. I have a dry humor, so please take most things tongue and cheek… like I said I watch British TV, so I blame them.



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